Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

It is difficult to imagine the current gardens without a lawn, whether it is an extensive property or a modest suburban area. However, the classic grass lawn can not be grown everywhere. In the shadow of these herbs grow very reluctantly, gradually giving ground of weeds or shade-loving mosses. Gloomy corners, where the sun’s rays look briefly, are suitable for special inhabitants-shade-loving groundcover plants. So, we offer many options for landscaping shady areas.

Groundcover shade-loving plants

These are low, well-growing plants, forming a continuous ground cover. In shading conditions, they can replace the grass lawn. They protect the soil from compaction, erosion, spraying. Such plants are planted in tree trunks as a background for bright flower groups.

The ground cover may be loose (Ajuga reptans, Vinca pubescens, Cystopteris bulbifera and others) and more dense (Asarum, Galium odoratum, Meehania urticifolia, Omphalodes verna, Pachysandra terminalis, Tiarella cordifolia, Sedum stoloniferum and others).

Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

The decorative nature of the ground cover depends not only on its density, but also on the ornamentation of the leaves and the duration of their life. The most interesting species with wintering leaves, forming a stable decorative ground cover (Asarum europaeum, Asarum caudatum, Pachysandra terminalis, Omphalodes verna, Ajuga reptans, Epimedium, Bergenia crassifolia, Viola odorata, Vinca minor, Tiarella cordifolia, Sedum stoloniferum).

Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

The nature of the ground cover created and its height are important. Relatively high (20-30 cm) loose cover of ornamental leaves form Pachysandra, Epimedium, Galium odoratum. Lower (10-20 cm) dense cover form Asarum europaeum, Omphalodes verna. In some conditions, look good low (5-10 cm), closed covers of Sedum stoloniferum, Tiarella cordifolia.

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Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

Plots of groundcover plants are a wonderful background for bright flowering groups of tall bushes Rodgersia, Paeonia, Solidago, Campanula latifolia, Hemerocallis. So, for example, very interesting in planting in the foreground Galium odoratum when placed in the background Hosta. Its bright green openwork foliage emphasizes the beauty of its large heavy leaves.

Consider the possibilities of plants

It is necessary to distinguish ecological possibilities of the grown plants. So, drought-resistant, not demanding soils Vinca minor. Convallaria majalis, Cystopteris bulbifera, various Epimedium species grow very well on dry soils.

Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

On moist, dense, clay soils, Ajuga reptans, Asarum caudatum Lindl and Asarum europaeum, Galium odoratum, Meehania urticifolia, Thelypteris phegoptehs grow rapidly. Demanding to soils, need good care (weeding, fertilizing, frequent replanting) Centaurea mollis, Omphalodes verna, Pulmonaria rubra, Thalictrum filamentosum, Vinca pubescens.

Shade-Loving Groundcover Plants For Garden

In the Arsenal of the gardener there is a solid list of shade-loving plants that will successfully replace grass lawn grasses.

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