Bonsai – Dwarf Saplings

Thousand years ago in Japan the popular technique of bonsai was born. The adult plant growing in a small container looks very beautiful and unusual. There is a misconception that bonsai are only for room conditions, but it is not. Such plants as pine, juniper belong to the group of garden bonsai. Small sizes of trees – bonsai are achieved not only by the fact that the plant grows in a close pot, but also by pinching the tips of shoots.
Growing bonsai is an exciting activity. Classical bonsai are grown mainly from coniferous trees. The most common of them are rocks like juniper, chickpeas, pea, Kempfer larch. Not less common are deciduous species: maple leaf or Japanese, gray elm. It should be noted that any tree can be grown as bonsai, subject to the conditions. The soil must be constantly moist, which must be ensured by daily watering. When bonsai is kept indoors, it is necessary to spray the leaves of the tree daily.

Bonsai - Dwarf Saplings

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