Schisandra Bloom

Accidentally discovered in the spring in my garden and saved by schizandra finally pleased with the flowers!

It was only now that I realized that I had never really seen it bloom before: I had already seen either the bud or the ovary. At least, I’ve never seen it for sure.

How can you not pay attention to the fact that the flowers on the vine, in fact, are different! After all, I have repeatedly read that lemongrass is a dioecious plant (so I advise you to plant two plants with female flowers and male ones). But there are also those that are on the same plant and those and other flowers, only located on different parts of the shoots.

My lemongrass in the old garden regularly bore fruit, however, and grew alone, so I did not think about this feature of it. And then I looked more closely: Yes, the flowers are different! The ones in the photo above, in the middle, they show the future berries. But the ones on the other branches grow inside the liana are hiding:

Schisandra Bloom

Even I didn’t notice how big and beautiful the flowers of this plant are! They were blooming, I could see them from afar — the white tufts stood out perfectly on the green foliage. And on closer inspection, I found bright scarlet smears on the inside of the petals. One plant-and how many discoveries! 🙂

Well, now we have to rely on the diligence of bees and bumblebees — and wait for the harvest…

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