How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Suburban Area

One of the dangers that await summer residents in their own area — a poisonous snake. Those who say that reptiles are not eager to meet us, of course, right. But sometimes in search of better conditions they have to crawl out to people.

This is where the problems associated with the fight against these unpleasant and dangerous neighbors begin.

How snakes appear on garden plots

The appearance of the serpent is easier to prevent than to fight them. And to do this, you need to know why reptiles come to the garden plots. What attracts them?

  • The presence of food

We all remember from school that snakes feed on rodents, insects and eggs of birds. Sometimes their diet expands to small birds or other snakes. Therefore, if you have a lot of rodents and insects in the country, it is likely that the snakes will look to you.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Suburban Area

  • Availability of hiding places

Snakes love to hide out in the use of composting pits, heaps of debris, high grass, thick bushes, tree roots, shaded piles of firewood, boards, etc., In regard to owners who regularly clean the area and monitor the grass height and condition of the bushes, afraid of nothing. Open, Sunny areas especially snakes do not like, like noise and vibrations of lawn mowers.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Suburban Area

  • Neighborhood with abandoned / undeveloped land or forest

Sometimes in suburban settlements and partnerships come across quite abandoned areas, which gradually turn into a forest. This is another source of potential danger. Snakes for one reason or another can crawl from them to neighbors. Having two houses of such “forest”, I can say that the neighborhood is unpleasant. After seeing the Viper, which is quite freely located in the penumbra under the trees, even the mowed grass and the cleaned space does not allow you to relax.

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These are the main reasons why snakes appear near people. But there are two:

  1. Snakes are imported together with building materials. It’s rare, but it happens.
  2. If the site is near the forest, which is cut down for further construction, the snakes can leave their homes and move to new places.

What are you afraid of snakes

In addition to the factors that lure snakes to the sites, there are moments that scare them. So, what are and what are you afraid of snakes?

  • Sharp pungent odors (both natural and chemical). It can be smells of dry mustard, garlic, burnt grass, burnt rubber, perfume, naphthalene, saltpeter, ammonia and various herbicides.
  • Noise’s. As mentioned above, snakes are very fond of silence. They will be frightened off by noise of mowers, generators and other equipment, and also music, human voices, rustling of garden turntables or bells.
  • Hedgehogs. It is no secret that hedgehogs are the main enemies of snakes. Luring hedgehogs to your site and feeding them, you can protect yourself from intruders.

Interesting: in the process of preparation of the material I came across one very interesting way of dealing with snakes pertaining to hedgehogs. It’s called”Hungarian, or Drunk hedgehog.” Hungarian — because it is actively used in medieval Hungary, and the second name indicates that Jerzy is in proper condition. It turns out, in addition to milk, they do not mind to eat beer or wine. According to this method in the territory which needed to be released from snakes, bowls with beer were placed. Jerzy already hate snakes, “by degrees” had become true hunters. But this is just a legend, which in modern times was hardly tested.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Suburban Area

  • Cats and dogs. Cats and dogs (mostly of the Jagd Terrier breed) can hunt snakes. But before allowing such a hunt, need a hundred times to estimate the ratio of “benefit-harm” and force your pet into this matter.

Several ways to get rid of snakes in the suburban area

If preventive measures have not helped, and snakes still found something attractive on your site, it’s time to move on to fight them. What can be done?

How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Suburban Area

  • Call the specialists to fight with snakes. It can be herpetologists-people who are engaged in catching. But to them summer residents address seldom owing to the fact that one snake caught — the following came crawling. And it is possible to carry out professional processing of a site, having addressed in the corresponding services.
  • Install repellent devices. They are similar to those used against rodents. The principle of operation of the device is based on the aversion of snakes to noise and vibrations. Repellents can be sound, vibration or ultrasonic. The choice depends on the type of snakes. For example, the Viper ultrasound will not scare, but from vibrations they will leave. Positioning equipment is best in places where is likely to settle snake: compost heaps, collection plates, etc.
  • To use chemicals and poisons. Now on sale you can find poisons designed specifically for snakes. But this method has not proved to be very good, because snakes feel “flavor” and do not crawl to the bait. And besides, if the site run children and Pets, the use of poison is more dangerous for them than for snakes.
  • To use traditional methods. Folk methods are considered the most humane. They are based on the knowledge of people about what snakes are afraid of. Here are some of them:
  1. To plant many beds of garlic. His smell is clearly not like snakes;
  2. Sprinkle dry mustard powder on the site;
  3. Place the crumbled naphthalene balls in the destroyed nest or in a potential place of its creation;
  4. Install turntables, the blades of which will rotate from the wind and transmit vibrations.

Whatever you do, trying to drive the snakes, whatever method you use, the most important thing is to remember that safety is above all!

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