Garden Roses In Pots: Features Of Care And Composition

  1. Care tips;

For anyone who wants to decorate a terrace or balcony in a special way, there is great news: roses grow well in pots. See for yourself!

There isn’t an inch of ground left in the garden for another rose? Or maybe you want to enjoy a beautiful pink fragrance, lying right on the chaise longue? Easy! For these shrubs, you can select a corner directly on the balcony or terrace. Here, the rose will need not only the sun, but also a pot of impressive size.

Since the roots of the plant are quite long, the height of the “apartment” should be at least 35-40 cm (ideally — all 50 cm).

In the photo below:

  • There is enough space in an old wooden barrel for a ‘Rosenfee’ rose. It blooms profusely, has enviable health and exudes a delicate fragrance.
  • The composition of the Queen of flowers ‘Wonder 5’, sage, thyme and oregano looks lovely. This hardy repair rose blooms from the end of June.

Garden Roses In Pots: Features Of Care And Composition

The diameter of the container depends on whether it will be inhabited only by our heroine or it will be supplemented by other plants. In the first case, a pot with a diameter of 35 cm is sufficient. If the apartments with the Queen will share her retinue, the tub, accordingly, should be larger in circumference.

As partners of the rose, it is desirable to choose low-growing herbaceous perennials, ornamental grasses and annuals. After all, when the wind freely blows over the Bush, its leaves dry faster from dew and rain. And this, in turn, is an excellent prevention of fungal diseases.

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In the photo below: the scarlet flowers of ‘Till Eulenspiegel’ seem to blaze against a light wall. Rose “growth” of only 90 cm is complemented by sedge and geyhera.

Garden Roses In Pots: Features Of Care And Composition

If you want to complement the beauty with higher candidates, it is better to put them side by side, in separate containers.

In the photo below-white ensemble: rose ‘ Petticoat’in bloom with Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’. Nearby are carnations, Angelonia angustifolia and nemesia.

Garden Roses In Pots: Features Of Care And Composition

To” Pets ” long pleasing to the eye, do not keep them in places where the hot air stagnates, and in the penumbra (4-5 hours of sun) leave only suitable for such conditions varietal plants, such as ‘Petti coat’ or ‘Garden of Roses’. Note that in the shade, flowering will not be as abundant as in the sun. On the terrace under the canopy, roses should be put only during flowering, and then they should be moved to the open sky — here they are better.

In the photo below:

  • For a Sunny balcony, ‘Melina’ is ideal-a compact aromatic Rambler with a height of 1.5–2 m.
  • Under the miscanthus ‘Gracillimus’ blooms the rose ‘Garden of Roses’ and the geranium ‘Rozanne’. Due to the considerable size of the plants, the composition is designed for only one season.

Garden Roses In Pots: Features Of Care And Composition

Care tips

  • Plant roses in a special substrate designed for these plants.
  • Water the potted rose moderately, but often — it does not tolerate any stagnation of moisture, or drying out.
  • Feed the plant in spring and summer, once every 2 weeks.
  • Every 5 years, transplant the bushes into larger pots. Do this in the fall or spring.
  • In winter, bring roses to a dark, cool room with an air temperature of + 8…+10C.
  • Pruning depends on the group that the rose belongs to.
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