How To Grow a “Palm Tree” On a Plot In One Season

Of course, this article is not about a real palm tree, but about Ricinus. This magnificent ornamental plant really looks like a southern exotic tree. If you see it at least once, you will be impressed. Huge split leaves make the plant look like both a fan palm and a maple. Who wouldn’t want to have such exoticism in their cottage!

Ricinus is a perennial plant of the Euphorbiaceae family, native to the tropics and subtropics, grown as an annual crop in the middle zone. Powerful, almost meter-long leaves and bright flower stalks-Ricinus looks very impressive and leaves no one indifferent. It is difficult to resist and not find a place for it on the cottage plot. Cottagers usually grow red-and green-leaved forms of Ricinus.

How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

Growing seedlings

Ricinus is still a guest from warm countries. In the middle lane, you have to grow it through seedlings. You can use your own seeds: they ripen well, are stored for more than four years, germination is excellent.

Ricinus seedlings are quite unpretentious, ordinary garden land is quite suitable for it without any additives. But the containers should be large, because the plant is very powerful, and its roots require a lot of space for normal development.

How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

Suitable three-five-liter plastic pots and ordinary vases for indoor plants. Drainage holes do not need to be made, since the plant practically does not suffer from accidental waterlogging of the soil.


Sowing is carried out at the end of February with dry seeds (without any preliminary preparation). To determine the optimal sowing time for your climate, it is best to sow the seeds in parts at weekly intervals during the first year and record the results of your experiment. And in the future-already focus on the period at which the seedlings turned out to be of the best quality.

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How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

Ricinus seeds are placed in prepared pits 3-4 cm deep, 3 pieces each, because in the conditions of fierce competition, the seedlings become stronger. It is best to sow immediately in containers, filling them with half the soil, so that you can add soil when the seedlings begin to stretch. If you need to grow a lot of seedlings, sow some of the seeds in a common box,and then plant the plants.

The first shoots appear about a week after sowing, Ricinus immediately shows its strength and power. In just a few hours, the sprouts add up to 10 cm and even more! After the appearance of mass seedlings, all seedlings should be taken out to a cool place, for example, on a glazed balcony, and no longer put in the heat. Make sure that the minimum temperature does not fall below +5°C.

Seating chart

A little stronger plants from the box are placed in separate containers of 2 pieces. To ensure that the seedlings are well transplanted and their roots are not damaged, remove them from the ground with two scoops, lifting on both sides with a lump of earth.

How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

After 7-10 days, we leave 1 of the strongest plants in each container, and carefully cut off all the excess ones with scissors at ground level. After that, Ricinus begins to grow very actively, just have time to regularly water with warm water, loosen and gradually add soil! Pests and diseases almost never affect ricinus seedlings.

Some special care for young plants is not necessary. They grow on their own to everyone’s delight. By the time of landing in the ground, Ricinus reaches a height of about 1 m, whole thickets are formed. Just a mini-jungle!

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Permanent drop-off

At the beginning of June, the long-awaited time of landing Ricinus in a permanent place comes. It will be necessary to transport her to the cottage with honor, by car. The seedlings are getting heavy! But then, without any ceremony, we shake the plants out of the containers. There is nothing to fear: because of the interweaving of powerful roots, the clod of earth does not crumble.

How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

We plant Ricinus in a prepared hole, make a hole for convenient watering — and that’s it! Now this magnificent plant will adorn your plot all summer.

Care is not needed!

During the summer, Ricinus does not require any care, while growing by leaps and bounds. It reacts perfectly to organic fertilizing, best of all-to a solution of chicken droppings (1: 20). So if you will fertilize other garden crops with this tool, then give a little top dressing and Ricinus. And she would be so glad of it!

How To Grow a "Palm Tree" On a Plot In One Season

It remains only to water it more often, but more profusely. Until the fall, this beauty will please everyone with its splendor. The Bush is especially effective when it has giant flower stalks. They make delicious bouquets.

Store at least one flower stalk, the most Mature, for seeds. And then you will part with Ricinus only until next spring. After all, next season it will be time to sow seeds for seedlings again.

Ricinus looks incredibly original. It is hard to believe that such a huge and magnificent plant can grow in just one season.

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