Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

What should I do to prevent your dacha from being hacked and robbed? Hire a security guard or set up an alarm? Simple and cheap methods like a constantly turned on radio or a sign “there is an angry dog in the yard” work ineffectively. Some of the effective options fall under the criminal code altogether. We have already talked about ways to protect yourself from thieves, which can be used independently. Now we will discuss how to properly hire a watchman, enter into a contract with the PSC and put the cottage on remote protection.

Why is a watchman not a guard

The watchman is not the worst option to protect the cottage from thieves. First, it is almost always a familiar person who can be trusted. Secondly, he will look after your house, and not the whole neighborhood. Third, if necessary, he can also provide some minor related services — repair the gate or paint the fence.

Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

But we must understand that the duties of the watchman are reduced only to checking the safety of property, and in case of emergency situations-to call the owner or the police squad. He has no right to detain intruders, and even more so he should not enter into a confrontation with them. Still, the benefits of it can be quite tangible: even the most desperate burglars very rarely decide to steal, knowing that someone is in the house.

To give the work of such an employee an official status, it is necessary to conclude a contract with him. This can be done without the participation of a legal entity. The owner of the apartment can formalize an agreement with the candidate in the form of a civil contract for the provision of paid services. It can only be about monitoring the property, but not about protection.

Of course, you can do without documents. But in this case, there is no guarantee that one day a person will not let you down and will not either sleep or watch football at a neighbor’s house when thieves decide to break into the house. Therefore, in the contract, a separate line prescribes material liability. And if the theft occurred due to the negligence of the watchman, who did not call the outfit in a timely manner, it will be possible to recover part of the cost of the stolen goods. However, according to the law, the compensation should not exceed the monthly salary of the employee. But this will be enough to make him take the tasks assigned to him more seriously.

We conclude a contract with the PSC

Unlike a watchman, a private security guard is a trained professional who has the appropriate certificate. If the security company employs people without certificates, then the right to engage in such activities and licenses from the PSC, most likely, no. This is the first thing to remember when choosing such an organization.

Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

Checking your work

You should immediately find out how quickly the rapid response team arrives. The office will tell you about 5-10 minutes, but this is not always the case. Read reviews about a particular company on the Internet. After signing the contract, arrange a couple of false calls to employees. As a rule, during the first week of service, there are no penalties for this, so feel free to press the alarm button. Driving too long? So, it is not worth renewing the contract with them.

It is important what the guards of the mobile brigade look like. In addition to uniforms, they must have service weapons (traumatic or firearms), a protective helmet and body armor. And also-a Chevron on the chest with the name of the company and a personal card. If, instead of a helmet and vest, they have a cap and ordinary camouflage, and a walkie-talkie with a gas can dangles from their belt, it is better to abandon such guards immediately.

Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

Do I also need an alarm system

Perhaps your village is already served by some Agency: the territory is monitored around the clock, and there is a checkpoint at the entrance. Do I need to additionally negotiate with the PSC about installing an alarm system?

Of course, in this case, the probability of the appearance of criminal elements is sharply reduced. But the protection of the territory is just making sure that there are no outsiders. That is, the company is not responsible for your property. Burglars can rent a house, enter the village and quietly Rob the residents in the neighborhood in the middle of the night while they are in the city. Unfortunately, this happens.

Therefore, if you have something particularly valuable (for example, expensive motor vehicles), then it is better to worry about additional security measures, especially since the subscription fee for remote security has not increased much in recent years. The monthly payment usually includes maintenance, including the departure of a specialist.

Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

At the conclusion of the contract, again, make sure that there is a clause on material liability. Agencies include it reluctantly, but the most conscientious of them offer to sign a model document where such responsibility is already indicated.

Who Can I Trust To Protect The Cottage — The Watchman, The Alarm System Or The Police?

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